What is WordPress Hosting? A first-timer’s guide.

   So, you’re here because you want to create a WordPress website, and need to know about hosting options. Certainly, there are many options to choose from all over the net. Each company tries to provide its customers the best possible services.

               Hosting is one of the most expensive steps in creating a website. For that reason, you need to understand it better. You have to learn the definitions and terminology of the domain if you want to get the best outcomes.

               In this article, we will discuss WordPress hosting. We will try to help you get a better idea of what all of this is about. After reading the definitions, you’ll come out as a person who has basic knowledge. That way, you be able to make good decisions.

So, what is WordPress Hosting?

What is WordPress hosting?

               Essentially, WordPress hosting is a hosting plan that comes with many features that make the experience of running a website very easy even for people who aren’t very well-versed in web development and programming.

               WordPress hosting is optimized for better performance, security, and easy management. It includes one-click WordPress installs, which make things very easy.

Some hosts even offer more features like automated software updates and handle high traffic.

               There two essential types that we will discuss below, shared WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting.

Shared WordPress hosting

               Shared WordPress hosting, also known as WordPress hosting, is the cheaper option here, out of the two. With shared WordPress hosting, you will have to share the servers where you host other websites. The server is still performance-optimized for WordPress. You just don’t have it all for your website.

               In addition to the performance optimization, you’ll get one-click WordPress Install or even go further and offer pre-installing WordPress.

               Some hosts can take it up a notch and provide software upgrades. The updates are very essential in keeping your website secure and well-performing all the time.

               If you’re looking for cheap WordPress hosting, then you should go with shared WordPress Hosting. The prices are very low and range between $7-10 per month, which is something that anyone can afford.

Managed WordPress hosting

               If we consider shared WordPress hosting a good 3-star hotel where you can relax in a clean place, managed WordPress hosting is a 5-star hotel with excellent room service and great views.

               Managed WordPress hosting is essentially all of the above features plus better quality and premium services that will make running a website as easy as it can get.

               First of all, Managed WordPress hosting allows for far greater speed than its counterpart due to the better hardware specs.

               Secondly, it offers server-side cashing, which is one of the best options to make your website run smoothly. All of that happens automatically.

               Thirdly, the security with managed WordPress hosting plans is also much better because of the regular scans and malware detection.

               Finally, you get staging sites, which allow you to make changes and test them before you go live.       

               For those reasons, Managed WordPress hosting is a little bit more expensive and typically costs $25+ per month.

Which one to choose, Managed WordPress Hosting or Shared WordPress Hosting?

               Depending on the needs of you and your website and you, various options might seem better than others. Perhaps you don’t want to spend too much and shared WordPress hosting seems like a good option; it’s certainly less costly.

               On the other hand, if you want to run your website the easiest way possible, you should definitely consider managed WordPress hosting. The extra costs might bring you more income since you’ll be able to concentrate on other tasks that will help you grow your business.

What is the best WordPress host?

               Personally, I think that GoDaddy WordPress hosting is one of the best available options on the internet. You can check the best hosting sites for WordPress to find out that GoDaddy is one of the first options to pop out.


               So, what do you think about WordPress hosting? Which plan suits you better? You can share your opinions with us in the comment section below.

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