How to Choose a Domain Name That Will Generate Traffic? 

If you’re like me, every time I find a website with a perfect domain name, I feel jealous for some reason. Even if I’m not interested in the niche of the website, I just love to see one with a perfect domain name

So, instead of feeling so jealous of the people who created their domain names a long time ago when the internet didn’t use to be what it is today, why don’t you use other strategies to find better domain names for your websites? 

Your domain name might be the determining factor that will either elevate your website or kill it. So, let’s find out how to choose a domain name that will generate traffic. 

Don’t Overcomplicate your Domain Name (make it simple)

I’m sure you can come up with some clever pun or an impressive wordplay to use as your domain name. However, a domain name that’s too complicated and not everyone would understand can be hard to remember. If people cannot remember your website because it’s hard to type, that would have a negative impact. 

The best option you can go with is a short name that can be spelled easily.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

Your doùain name must resonate with your target audience. For example, if you’re launching a website for an American audience, you should keep that in mind all the time. You must come up with a suitable domain name that resonates with an American audience. 

Aside from resonating with an American audience (since this is the example we’re using), you must make sure to spell the words correctly in your domain name. For example, Americans spell color without u (colour), which is how the British spell it. 

Throw Relevant Keywords In

While it’s not possible to get a domain name that includes high-ranking keywords with low competition, if you manage to do that, you should use the opportunity. Having the keywords of your niche in your domain name will allow you to perform better with SEO. 

When a website includes relevant keywords in its domain name, it makes a lot of sense to the consumers, which is always reflected in good traffic, considering you’re doing everything else right. 

Don’t Give up From the First Trial

Suppose you own a business that helps people find good hosting services for their websites. You want to help people host better. However, the URL hostbetter.com is already taken by someone. 

So, you try to come up with another creative idea. As long as you keep your objective in mind, which is finding a suitable domain name that expresses the purpose behind your website, you’ll eventually land on a good idea. Just keep in mind   

Don’t Put Limits on Yourself

Suppose you have a blooming business that you want to expand to other cities, not just your hometown. In that case, you really don’t want your domain name to have the name of your hometown or city because that would limit your business. What you want to do instead is to create a more general domain name that can be used anywhere

Don’t Forget to Get Social with Other Platforms

Just because your domain name isn’t used to host a website, it doesn’t mean it’s not used on one of the major platforms like Facebook and YouTube. To make sure your brand name isn’t already occupied on other platforms, you can use this site to check if your domain name is unavailable across all the other platforms you will use. 

Don’t Be So Cheap

Cutting the costs is a double-edged sword. It’s true that you’re spending less money on your domain name. But, you’re also jeopardizing your business. Having a relevant domain name can sometimes mean spending more. 

So, if you choose a domain name that ends with .co instead of .com, you might save some money. But you have to understand that people are used to .com domain names. That will up the price for the .com domain name with every accidental hit. 

It’s better just to bite the bullet and pay some extra money because your business will appreciate that down the line. 

Final Thoughts

I hope by the end of this article, you’ve realized the importance of paying close attention to your domain name before you host a website for your business. 

So, make sure to choose the right domain name to get the kind of traffic you want without any obstacles. 

Jack Dupont:
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