How do I Attract Readers to my WordPress Blog ?

Ostersund, Sweden - August 9, 2015: Close up of Wordpress website under a magnifying glass. WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool.

As a new blogger, getting more readers for your blog post is often difficult. Unfortunately, you can have an amazing blog post, but it doesn’t attract readers. Blogging is a difficult task, but following the right principles will attract more readers. The frustrating part of blogging is when you have spent so much time researching and coming up with beautiful content but no readers.

Writing is a craft and an art. You need to know how to use and attract more readers to your blog. Read and learn how to attract bloggers to your WordPress website.

Make your headlines catchy

The first thing that attracts readers to a blog is your headlines. If your headline is boring, ensure you will not attract readers to your website. A catchy headline triggers curiosity. Let your headline make a promise and provide a solution to issues. Headlines are the major attractions; if you don’t get it written, you will keep losing readers. Therefore, focus on getting your headline right before you start writing the body of the content.

Create a compelling blog post always

One thing that readers love the most is when you post compelling content. If your post is not entertaining like the previous one, don’t post it on your blog. You can make the readers curious about your post. Try and evaluate your readers and produce content that will suit them. 

Use a call to action

To leverage the loyalty of your readers, you need to ask them to share your blog post. Unfortunately, some bloggers make this request rudely. You have to be polite while inserting a call to action. When the friends of your readers find the content interesting, they are most likely to share it or make a comment. When you add a call to action, your audience will have an idea you want them to share.

Guest post

Guest posting is one of the best ways to increase the number of your readers. When you guest post, it makes you look like a professional. Also, when you publish your post on authority websites, it drives traffic to your website and increases your readers too. Don’t forget to do a call to action when you guest post.

Promote social media

One way to promote your content without paying a dime is on social media. You can also opt to pay for your blog post to be posted on social media accounts with a lot of followers. Whatever you do, take advantage of social media to promote your content and attract new readers.


WordPress is a good platform for creating your blog. Remember to write beautiful content with compelling headlines. Mix up your content to include news and educational posts. However, if you want to specialize in a particular area, ensure that your information is correct. Interestingly, you can also import docx on your WordPress. Finally, you need to put all these tips into consideration to get the best WordPress post.

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