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Managed WordPress Hosting

Do I, Really, Need Managed WordPress Hosting?

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You’re still not quite sure which hosting plan is the right one for you? Perhaps, you’re new to this domain, and you have the slightest idea about what is all of this managed WordPress thing is all about, which is natural. That is why we are here to explain why you need a Managed WordPress Hosting plan.

At first, it might seem to you that self-hosted WordPress is a better option because it costs less. However, there’s this old saying that says the complete opposite. It goes like this: “when you pay half of the price, you leave half of the goods.” Therefore, you should always consider reading the benefits of a managed plan that all the WordPress hosting list in their services.

We’re here to tell you the four reasons why you need to have a managed WordPress hosting plan. For your own good and the betterment of your business, this is an option that you must consider.

4 Reasons to Consider Managed WordPress Hosting

There are various reasons to need managed WordPress hosting. Here, we will list only the most relevant ones that everyone who wants a hosting plan must consider. Some reasons might apply differently to your case, so make sure to understand what you really need and how managed hosting will benefit you.

1. You Always Want to Ensure Outstanding Performance and Uptime on Your Site

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If your website is too slow, people wouldn’t enjoy their experience and probably leave. Performance is not only crucial in running a website, it’s a dead-serious-must-have.

When you have a self-hosted plan, you always have to keep optimizing the servers. You need to also keep an eye on the traffic, which is a daunting task. If you don’t keep monitoring that, your website will be slow and eventually drive people away.

With a managed WordPress hosting plan, your service provider will do all of the necessary technical tasks that will ensure your website is running smoothly.   

2. You need Managed WordPress hosting because you’re not that Experienced with Web Hosting

Maintaining a website isn’t exactly the easiest thing to handle. If you have a growing business that attracts lots of daily visitors, having a self-hosted plan will have you learn how to perform many complex tasks that might overwhelm you and take a lot of time.

You’ll have to learn how servers work and how to customize them for your requirements… To make it short, many tedious things that you can avoid with a managed WordPress Plan. Honestly, I would prefer to pay someone who knows how to handle these things to focus on other things that will benefit me more, than learn the 101s of everything and struggle with all of the understanding of new info.

If you’re an average user like me, you can just go with a managed plan to get things done for you. It’s a smart alternative, especially with the cheap WordPress Hosting.   

3. You Want Your Site to be Secure

Security is a must-have; that’s out of the question. With managed WordPress hosting, your plan provider will ensure security by monitoring any suspicious activities that might harm you and your users.

It’s all something that you can do by yourself. But again, if you’re not well-versed in these technical things, an expert might do them better than you, which is a lot more beneficial to your business. The managed plans have a lot of features. All of those features are aimed at keeping your website presence safe and sound.

Efficient security is one of the most appealing reasons to consider managed WordPress hosting.

4. You need Managed WordPress hosting because You Want Reliable Support

If you’re new to all of this, support is something you’ll really appreciate because you’re going to have many questions along the way. Running a website will put you in many novel situations and scenarios where 24/7 support is a must-have.

The best web hosting for WordPress always has 24/7 support to assist you in all of the technical difficulties you might face.

Managed WordPress hosting will always help you run your website efficiently with tech support. Because running a website isn’t that easy, this is a good reason to consider a managed plan.


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